AGM Report 2019

It was Bradford College UCU AGM and branch meeting  yesterday and the following people were elected to the following posts:

Chris Webb Chair :<>

Geraint Evans Secretary:<>

Elaine White Anti-Casualisation  officer:

Catherine Holden Union Learning Rep :<>

Mark Dunkerley ULR:<>

Lubna Khan Equality:<>

Karen  Emmott Membership Secretary :<>

Maria Daniilidou Treasurer / David Barlow Treasurer: /<>

Judy Craddock Green Rep :<>

The following were also elected branch reps or expressed interest in being a rep : Steve Skinner, Joanna Blackwell, Asif Parvez, Arshad Sharif, James Brickley, Debbie rolls

Branch Meeting

A well-attended branch meeting thoroughly discussed the way forward on: our fair pay claim, the executive’s latest restructure and a proposed Observation Policy for FE members.
After a healthy discussion where the anger of members and branch officers was fully expressed at the failure of the executive to engage with UCU on the issue of pay and the restructure members unanimously voted for the attached motions on pay, defending jobs and pay and conditions and Health and Safety.

The Bradford College Motion commitments branch officers to continue to seek a fair pay rise, a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies and no detriment to terms and conditions.
It further calls on branch officers to submit a Failure to Agree to the CEO under the Collective Disputes Procedure; this has been done.

The motion further calls for the branch to re -ballot its members ( as we have to do under Tory anti trades union law) beginning the week of 29th April 2019 for further industrial action to secure the above, pursue our pay claim for 2018/19 if the executive fail to give the guarantees we are seeking and the movement on pay we are pursuing.

Geraint Evans
Bradford College UCU Branch Secretary

3 Solid Days of Strike Action

Bradford UCU members took another 3 solid days of strongly supported strike action this week to continue to pursue their claim for fair pay. These were the 7th successful days of nationally supported strike action for members who have seen their wages decline by 25% in the past 10 years.

The atmosphere on the picket line was one of determination and solidarity with members swapping tales of unrealistically high work loads, ludicrous deadlines, ineffective micro management and discontentment with the senior executive’s lack of willing to enter into meaningful negotiation until AFTER the strike.  Members care deeply about the College and their students, therefore the disingenuous and dismissive response from the exec has shocked members who are alarmed that there have been no attempts to find a solution and bring strike action to a close.

The pickets were well attended on all 3 days. We had music, singing and even some dancing to keep our spirits high and our resolve strong. Alongside Bradford College UCU members, picket line dogs and student supporters; delegates from Sheffield, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool and Bradford Universities to name but a few, attended to show their solidarity. Our colleagues in the University sector are all too aware of the power of strike action after taking 14 successful days of action last winter to protect their USS pension scheme. Their solidarity was welcomed!

Our campaign even made the news, with features on BBC Look North, Pulse Radio, Sunshine Radio and the Yorkshire Evening Post!!


Thursday was the big raffle draw with 4 delicious chocolate prizes being won and over £200 raised for the strike fund. Thank you to all who took part and congratulations to our winners. It could be you next time!

Is this your ticket? This bunny needs a home but we couldn’t read the name on the ticket. Get in touch otherwise the branch committee may well be having rabbit pie at the next meeting…

Friday was the big day with supporters from all over Bradford and beyond visiting the picket line to give us their messages of support. They can see the essential role the College plays in the Bradford Community and the importance of paying fair wages to keep and attract dedicated and quality members of staff. Staff who are not overworked and underpaid for their labour.

Bradford College UCU sincerely hopes that the exec team will take head of the huge support we have had over the strike and take on board members need for meaningful negotiation on this important issue that is not going away.

A message from our Secretary Geraint Evans

Imran Hussain MP giving a message of solidarity to UCU strikers.

Solidarity from local Councillors

So with 7 days of strike action under our belts and still no pay rise, members may be thinking what next.  Our AGM and classes closed branch meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd April. Please make every effort to attend this as important decisions will need to be made. We all saw the figures insensitively banded about on TAP day regarding staff cost reductions but with no accompanying explanation. We need to stay strong and be ready for further attacks on our job security, pay and conditions. We have demonstrated that we have a really strong branch in Bradford. We need to keep the fight going to defend education, defend jobs and fight for fair pay in FE

Thank you to all who came to the picket lines, it really is important to show our strength to the College leadership team.

This list is not exhaustive but special thanks to the following:

Imran Hussain MP

Joe Wheatley, former Bradford College student and local young member of the GMB

David Harvie, Leicester UCU

Jo McNeill from Liverpool University & Jo Grady from Sheffield University who are both worthy candidates to be running for the position of General Secretary to the Union. 

Jo Pike Labour Party candidate for Shipley

Brian Hamilton from prison education and the NEC

Richard Dunbar, local Labour Councillor

Leeds University UCU or the tireless support from day one of our strike. They have turned up to every picket line, lent us their PA – invaluable for all that singing and speeches of course! Plus they have generously donated money to our strike fund.

Thank you, in solidarity

Bradford College UCU



Pay us some respect

Join the action on the 20th, 21stand 22ndMarch

Bradford College UCU members are taking industrial action next week in pursuit of a justand fairpay claim as a part of UCU’s national action on pay.

We have now heard from CEO, C Webb, on how important FE and HE are to us all, how committed he is personally to the sector, and how proud he is to be CEO of this college. We are also aware that the college has secured possibly the biggestbail out from the government. So now is the time to treat UCU members fairly.

Disgracefully the college has refused to enter into meaningful bargaining with UCU despite the College’s own Chair of Governors, Cath Orange, writing in her findings of the Dispute Hearing (held on the 6/9/17), “The panel welcomes management’s commitment to adopting an agreed procedure for bargaining and a negotiation timeline for 2017-18.” It is the view of the UCU that this has not happened. The college claims that, “We are continuing to talk with UCU representatives” BUTthese talks are scheduled for AFTERthe strike.

Furthermore, the cross college e-mail (Thursday 14thMarch) states, “students should be given assignments to work on or can study independently”. IT IS NOTyour responsibility to set work for learners if you are taking part in strike action. If you are asked to do so, CONTACT US ASAP.


Join us on the 20th, 21stand 22ndPickets will be outside David Hockney Building 7.30am onwards each day.

If you take strike action you can claim your loss of salary from UCU nationally:

This fund is there to support you.

JOIN UCU NOW If you join UCU nowyou can join us in action:

10 Reasons to take Action:

  1. We care about the education of our students. To get the best you must pay the best. So says AOC boss, “A well rewarded workforce is critical to the future success of FE.”

  1. We have experienced a 25% reductionin pay in real terms.
  2. We have had nosignificant pay rise in 10 years.
  3. We have had a very considerable increase in workloads and accompanying stress.
  4. Many lecturers are working at least 10 additional hours per week, equating to 2.5 months of unpaid work per year.
  5. Our colleagues in schools have seen a 3% pay rise on top of pay rates well in excess of ours, and in Scotland a 13.5 % deal! We teach many of those same young people.
  6. We have been told that austerity is over.
  7. We have seen senior management team costs rising while the wage bill for lecturers has fallen (figures supplied to UCU by Bradford College Executive)
  8. We are seeing money being spent on at least 3 senior consultants on long term contracts, despite promises this would STOP.

10.AND, let’s not forget City of London Group who have awarded their lecturing staff 5% even though this meant setting a deficit budget. CLEARLY, a leadership team who are looking to secure great staff for the future.


We have received messages of support from Bradford and Keighley MPs: Judith Cummins, Naz Shah, John Grogan, and a promise to join us on the picket line from Imran Hussain.

Support this action; support our claim for fair pay.

Blog about the bog…

Thanks to a campaign by our hard working health and safety reps, staff at Bradford College will now have access to a toilet of their own! Since moving into the David Hockney Building 5 years ago, members have been unhappy and uneasy about having to share toilets with students. Concerns over safeguarding, personal boundaries and professionalism have consistently been raised with the senior team and estates but have fallen on deaf ears until now. A survey and petition was conducted by our health and safety reps which has finally brought about change. It was agreed today that on floors 2 and 4 of DHB we will have access to staff only toilets. A welcome change and proof that UCU are a force for improving the well being and conditions of members . Now bog off and go enjoy spending a penny in peace.